NADIA Onlus has been pursuing its objectives for 20 years with solidarity projects built together with local partners in various countries of the world, in order to make the protagonists of change responsible for the contents and purposes.
NADIA Onlus is a NGO registered and authorized by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (see here the document )

NADIA Onlus started with solidarity projects in partnership with Care&Share (, an important italian NGO that is present in India for many years and with a little, but very active, group of volunteers, named “Teach Me” ( from 5 years.
In this period NADIA ONLUS got to know India, was able to experience field work, built a network of collaborations and trust with local people.
For the development of activities in this Country and institutional relations, the Presidency Council
of NADIA Onlus has appointed Dr. Antonio Benci.
This has generated the conviction that finding a family for a child who does not have one is a high form of solidarity even because NADIA Onlus works for 26 years to give a family to many children who don’t have a family and men and women who want to become parents and give love, care, affection.
An italian family can provide growth opportunities for a foreign child.
Welcoming, sensibility, and care for the other, these are the key words to begin the path of international adoption, a complex and unique experience for both aspiring parents and adopted children.
The principle that moves this gesture of welcoming is to offer a family to a child who, for several reasons, does not have it.
NADIA Onlus is obviously authorized by CAI italian Central Authority for international adoption  and is processing the accreditation from CARA in India (see the card of NADIA Onlus from CAI website – in progress).

In fact, there are now many families wishing to be able to hold an Indian child in their arms through the assistance and accompaniment of NADIA, whom they already know and appreciate for their professional competence and humanity.

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